IT Support

We cover On-Site and Remote Support as well as Contracted Management Agreements to keep your business running.


Computer Repair

Covering both the home and business world, we provide resolution to all types of break-fix computer repair.


Hosting Services

We provide a wide range of cloud services like email hosting, website hosting and backup.



We will soon have an online store where custom built desktops and refurbished computers can be purchased.


Grimes Technology is locally owned and operated.

Grimes Technology is focused on providing Las Vegas and surrounding area residents with top tier quality computer help and support.  However, we are not limited to local support and can help anyone remotely with an internet connection.  Let us help you!

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Grimes Technology is ready to tackle any IT or Computer repair issue.   Grimes Technology also provides many pro-active solutions to avoid failures before they happen.  Our mission is to ease the burden of technology on your life so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Business Services

We Offer All Kinds of IT Solutions


On-Site IT Services

Our technicians come directly to your location to resolve issues in a prompt and resolute manner.


Remote Support

The vast majority of services can be done remotely for a lower cost as long as a reliable internet connection is available.


Managed Services

Prevent failures with proactive managed service to prevent and minimize downtime.


Cloud Services

We provide and manage private Cloud Drives & Backup to ensure data is safe, secure & protected in a world full of threats.


Point of Sales

We help install and manage your POS and help you automate them into your accounting.


Hosting Services

Email & Webhosting is essential for business out there. We provide hosting as well as management of the website.

Residential Support

We Provide Business Quality Support To Residential Customers Too.

Desktop & Laptop Repair

We fix and repair all types of desktop, laptop and mac software and hardware issues. This includes screen replacements, dc jack replacements, broken laptop shells, desktop hardware failures such as power supplies, motherboards, ram and more.

Networking & WiFi

Everyone has WiFi and overlapping networks and insecure networks can cause serious problems. Our experienced engineers are capable of deploying the best WiFi network possible with minimal interference from neighboring WiFi routers.

Virus Removal

The threat of virus, malware and ransomware remains real to this day. We provide solutions to not only clean up your computer but also help prevent future infections through proactive solutions.


Sometimes the problem is that our systems are limiting our ability. Hardware upgrades can increase the speed, reliability, as well as extend the lifespan of a computer to get the maximum use out of the system.

We support the following Operating Systems