Desktop Repair

We fix and repair all types of desktop computers whether they are custom built gaming towers or from a manufacturer like Dell or HP.


Virus Removal

Threats to our computers exist still to this day and are worse than ever before. We offer complete virus removal and cleanup to have the confidence your computer is safe and secure.


Laptop Repair

A wide variety of repairs can be performed on a laptop to get it back in tip top shape. If it is just a software issue or a completely broken screen, we got you covered.


Networking & Wifi

A big part of our life is not just the computers we use, but the internet that brings us together. We help and specialize in networking solutions to get all your devices online securely and efficiently.


Mac Repair

The majority of iMac and Macbook repairs do not need to be repaired by Apple. Get a quote for a fraction of the cost from our Mac specialist.



Over time our computers performance degrades while software becomes more demanding. We offer a ton of upgrades to help keep your computer running in tip-top shape.

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